BSides Belfast CIC is a community interest company (NI692274) with the following aims and objectives;

(The below is a copy of our Community Interest Statements, required as part of our registration with the CIC Regulator)

ActivitiesHow will the activity benefit the community?
Organise a range of activities and services
such as a website,
regular meetups,
a regional conference,
social media, blog etc.
“Security BSides” is a globally recognised, community-driven framework for building events for and by regional information security communities.There are currently no directly related, community-focused support organisations/conferences in the region, and as such the community is currently limited in its ability to meet, collaborate and share experience in a non-commercially-incentivised manner.
While other ‘information security’ related events may overlap in the region, all are highly corporate affairs, limiting entry and access to the community to people not currently employed in the industry, or people who are independently interested in participating in the information security community. Additionally, this close corporate relationship is chilling to open discourse and collaboration.
The events provided by BSides Belfast will provide direct networking, upskilling and education to the information security community in Northern Ireland, while also participating in a global network of over 750 other similarly incorporated BSides chapters around the world, across 60 countries and in over 200 cities, and attracting experts and practitioners from across that network to share their expertise with the regional community.
Organise and provide a range of community specific educational and
training material and
The community will benefit by an increase in skillsets, and a more rapid, confident progression from interested novice to competent and then advanced practitioner. 
Further, these trainings will be developed and delivered in an open, accessible, manner, and the company would expect global collaboration on such materials across the Security BSides network and beyond. This would include provision of accessible pathways into the community from the wider regional community.
Organise a range of enabling training/education for the furtherance of the company’s community objectivesAdditional secondary activities may be undertaken, such as governance/management, first-aid, health & safety, child protection, volunteer management and other trainings that support the provision of the company’s community objectives
BeneficiariesThe professional/amateur and potential future information security community in Northern Ireland.
The wider technical/engineering community in Northern Ireland
The wider global Security Bsides community

The Board of Directors

Michelle Simpson
Claire Dickson
Andrew Bolster
Ciaran Conliffe