Bsides Belfast CFP (Call for Presentations) Is Open!

Security BSides is a decentralized movement of community events. We all share in the responsibility to be good to, and for, the communities we serve. We also share a responsibility to the global BSides community, and the other communities we participate in.

There should be no sales pitches in the talks. There is no “pay for play”, that is, sponsorship does not include speaking rights, and speaking positions are not to be sold.

BSides Belfast expects technical talks based within the domain of cyber security. We are beginner-friendly, but this is not only a conference for beginner tech talks. Don’t be afraid to drill down into the fascinating technical minutiae, that’s what we’re here for!

We are accepting both Sessions (35mins including Q&A), and Lightning Talks (15mins including Q&A), with the emphasis on the former. Out of respect to the audience and the other speakers we would strongly discourage people from overrunning their timeslots.

Submissions should consist of:

  • Title of your presentation
  • Type of presentation (regular length or lightning talk)
  • Abstract (description) summarising your presentation (max. 500 words). This should be suitable for inclusion in the event programme and elsewhere online. It should include details of what the talk will be about and what takeaways attendees can expect from it.
  • Have you already presented this topic elsewhere? (If Yes, at which event? What was the title?)
  • Speaker Bio (max. 150 words). This should be suitable for inclusion in the event programme and elsewhere online, Be aware that this may not be shared with the judging panel, so do not include key selling points for your talk in it. If you wish to have multiple speakers, please make this clear.
  • Name/Nickname/Handle (to appear on our Speakers List and in post-schedule social media)
  • Photo/Avatar (to appear on our Speakers List and in post-schedule social media)

All talks will be judged by our independent panel on merit. While we aim to let all successful applicants know by the end of June, be aware that delays are possible.

Speaker Support:

Throughout the CfP and in the run up to the event in September, we’ll we working with partners such as NIDC, ServerlessDays, WTM, and others to coordinate a series of speaker support sessions, and all CfP candidates will be notified as these are confirmed.

The sessions will cover topics such as:

  • How to apply to Calls for Proposal (CfP) (This will be run before the end of this CfP)
  • How to write a Presentation
  • Peer-Presentation Workshops

Code of Conduct:

Any CfP submissions that do not abide by our Code of Conduct will not be accepted.

Further Information:

  • “CfP” stands for one of ‘Call for Proposals/Papers/Presentations’, and “CfS” may also be used interchangeably (meaning ‘Call for Speakers or sometimes Call for Sessions’. For more information see here
  • Bsides Belfast Managers / Volunteers / Directors etc are not excluded from submitting talks, but also have no preferential treatment and will be expected to recuse themselves from reviewing their own proposals.
  • For further information please contact us at